Finally Found a new job, maybe

I had an interview with my local Kmart today. I had a long talk with the human resources lady about having endo. She knows the situation and knows women who personally deal with it, so I’m hoping she can talk to the store manager and fill him in on the details before my second interview. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer that it works out.

I have been involved with some direct sales businesses, but I have not been able to make any sales as of yet. So here’s hoping I can soon as well as get started at least part time, though I did say I would work full time hours. I’m just hoping the doctor can suggest something to help in the meantime so I can manage pain better. The yam cream has helped, but not as significantly as I would like.

Hopefully I can have a better experience working here than at previous cashier positions I’ve had. My daughter and I have also started making our own items to sell. We have a Facebook page for our loom bracelets we make. You can come and check us out at A&K’s Creations.We can customize colors, thought I’ve done several yellow for endo awareness, pink for breast cancer awareness, and purple for domestic violence awareness, and am willing to do other colors as well. If you are interested check out the Facebook page and message me there. Thanks! 🙂


So it happened…

It happened, like I knew it would. This crazy, debilitating illness has cost me my job. It was a crappy job anyway, but still it sucks. I am trying to find a new one and I just remembered how much I HATE applications! This really sucks. I have to find a new job so I can pay my bills, but I hurt too much some days to even work. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m caught in. I am going to see my doctor again to talk about surgery. I just don’t want to have it done and find out that it has come back.

I wish just for one day I could trade bodies with someone who doesn’t think I have a problem. Some days I wish I could trade bodies with my husband so that he could fully understand the extent of how this effects me physically and emotionally. I get so depressed some days because I don’t think I will ever feel “normal” again. I am looking forward to the day I won’t be in constant pain. If there will eve be such a day for me.

I am trying to stay positive and work on the things that bring me joy, like writing my stories. I just published my first one on Amazon in September. It is the first in a series. I am currently working on the first book to the sister series. One of these days i will be pulling out my old handwritten books to type them up and finish them as well.

I also take joy in my family and spend as much time with them as I can. It’s been hard when most days I am in pain, but the pain free days I play games and spend time with them. My daughter is 7 and she does a lot for me. I feel bad that she takes on more responsibility than she should for her age. My son is very active. he tries to remember which side of mommy’s tummy hurts, but he forgets and bumps me or sits on me in the wrong spot, but I love him anyway.

My friend told me i should try wild yam cream to help with the pain. So I got some and have been using it for a couple a couple of weeks and it does seem helpful. My pain levels have dropped some while using it and I definitely can tell the difference from with the cream and without it.

I am trying to find ways to work from home. I have started to work a few direct sales businesses, but it’s been slow to start up and I have been trying hard to advertise. I am with 5 companies: Linen World, Pine Oak Farms, SoyL Scents, Kitsy Lane, and Sexy Mojo. I am hoping November will prove to be a better month for sales as Christmas is fast approaching.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to pay my bills and be able to stay home with my kids, because that is really what I want to do to begin with. Here’s hoping!

Managing the pain

I am still in uncharted territory when it comes to Endometriosis. I am taking mental notes, and know I should start recording my symptoms and cycles on paper to get a better idea of what to expect. Sometimes I try using heat pads and sometimes I use ice, but I find the heat helps better, for me anyway. I take ibuprofen to try to help with the pain as well, but it only helps so much.
It really takes a lot for me to admit when I am in pain, but I am learning that sometimes it is the only way to get other people to understand the toll it takes on me. I am so used to pushing myself at work and slacking off at home. I have felt guilty having to slow down at work more and more. I hate relying on others for help, but now some days I don’t have any other option.
Endo has been taking it’s toll on me big time. It’s time I learned how to fight back and stop letting it take so much from my life. Until I decide what treatment is best for me I am going to learn how to get back my time with my kids, write my book series, and spend the time my husband deserves from me. I am also going to reach my goal of being a full time writer and not let Endo steal my life.

If anyone has any tips for managing Endo, please feel free to share!

Endomeriosis… What the heck is it?

Endometriosis is something I learned about in health class, but never gave much thought about. It’s not something that happened to everyone, so why did I have to learn about it? Little did I know then that it happens more often, and I was going to end up with it myself.

Wikipedia gives a limited description as to what Endometriosis is and what causes it. Here is what Wiki has to say:

I like this line :

There is no cure for endometriosis, but it can be treated in a variety of ways, including pain medication, hormonal treatments, and surgery.

No cure? How did I end up with something that has no cure? This painful, heavy period giving, depression induced condition that has no cure?

The gyno I went to see after my primary doctor told me said that sometimes they do have a clue. Could it have been related to the 2 c-sections I had? possibly, but he thought it would be more likely if it was closer to where they cut me open. Somehow it ended up near or in the muscle mass off my left side abdominal muscle.

I was told I could “wait it out” and see what happens, I could get the endo removed and have an oblation (Burn the lining of the uterus with a wire mesh device), or have a hysterectomy. So far what I have read the hysterectomy has a higher chance of keeping the endo from coming back, though sometimes it still does.

Follow me as I go through this journey of finding out what is the best treatment for me and to help spread the word to other girls who deal with heavy periods. Severe cramping and heavy bleeding is not okay! Talk to your ob/gyn, and if they don’t listen go for a second consultation.